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Damage caused to your body by the neglect or omission of another person is a personal injury. These injuries can be the fault of companies, individuals, or an entity.

The most common form of personal injury occurs as the result of a negligent driver who causes a motor vehicle collision. The main obstacle to overcome is proving fault. Your attorney must show that the other party is liable for the injuries you suffered. If negligence can be proven, you may be entitled to compensation. If you have suffered serious injuries as a result of the negligence of another driver, property owner, or manufacturer, you likely will want to consult an attorney immediately.

Attorneys at Christian, Ashin & Brown, P.C. Handle a Variety of Personal Injury Cases

Including but not limited to: auto and truck accidents, product liability, nursing home and medical malpractice injuries, slip and falls, and premises liability. The firm’s lawyers have handled cases involving every imaginable injury, including spinal cord injury, fractures, herniated discs, brain damage, head trauma, rotator cuff tears, and other permanent injuries. They also represent the families of victims who are killed.


In the Aftermath of a Serious Accident

Accident survivors only have a set amount of time to file an injury claim. Limitations are put in place to ensure that accident victims pursue the financial resources that they need promptly. This time limitation, or statute of limitations, varies depending on the type of case. The limitation only applies to the filing date of the claim, not the settlement date.

  • Personal Injury – Three years to file
  • Workers’ Compensation – One year to file; 30 days to give the employer notice
  • Wrongful Death – Two years to file

Being Injured in an Accident Can Be a Traumatic Experience.

The majority of serious accidents happen so quickly that it is difficult for those involved to make sense of the chain of events. Most people never give much thought to the issues concerning the civil justice system in America until they are injured by someone else’s negligence. At that time, people are left searching for answers.

It is completely normal to have questions, concerns, and even uncertainty about your rights. The firm’s attorneys are here to help. They understand the issues injured victims face. The attorneys provide support to clients, helping them determine who was responsible for causing the accident and who is responsible for covering the cost of damages.

  • Who will pay for my medical bills?
  • How will I get reimbursed for my lost wages?
  • What doctor can/should I go to, and how will I pay for my medical treatment?
  • How do I get the other person’s insurance company to understand what I am going through?

At Christian, Ashin & Brown, P.C., Attorneys Use Their Combined Years of Experience

Not only to advise you of your options but also to make sure that you receive the compensation to which you are entitled. Many victims believe that it will be simpler to try to secure a settlement without involving lawyers. Unfortunately, insurance companies tend to offer a more modest settlement to accident victims that do not have legal representation. With an attorney fighting for your interests, you stand to gain three times as much as you would without legal representation.

It is the firm’s goal to further your interests and make sure that you are well-informed and comfortable with their service. They offer a free initial consultation and do not get paid until they get you paid. By listening to you and learning the facts of your case, the attorneys can help craft a plan to help you move forward. If you have a case, they will fight for the compensation that you deserve and help make sure that your accident doesn’t hold you back from the life you want to live.

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