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Protect your rights with the help of Christian, Ashin & Brown, P.C. The firm provides legal advice and court representation in civil and criminal cases in the Greater Washington, D.C. area.

About the Firm

Christian, Ashin & Brown, P.C. is a reputable law firm established in 1971 in College Park, Maryland. Their attorneys ensure that your case is given the personal attention it deserves regardless of how big or small it is. Because of this, the firm has been recognized as one of the top ten personal injury firms in the state.

Practice Areas

If you have suffered injuries caused by proven neglect or omission of another person or entity, then you may be entitled to compensation. Their attorneys exclusively represent personal injury victims in cases such as:

Focus on your rehabilitation and trust their attorneys to help you obtain compensation for injuries suffered in vehicle collisions.

Healthcare professionals follow a standard of care, but failing to meet these standards may result in injuries or death. The firm offers legal services to help you receive the justice you deserve.

Understand the complex laws on workplace injuries and receive the compensation you deserve with the guidance of their attorneys.

The firm’s attorneys are experienced in handling civil disputes such as breach of contract, real estate litigation, and more.

Christian, Ashin & Brown, P.C. is experienced in representing clients with criminal charges and can help them protect their rights in court.

Charges caused by DUI cases should not be taken lightly. Their attorneys have expert knowledge of DUI laws and can provide you with the best defense.

If you are facing disciplinary or academic dishonesty charges, you can trust the firm’s attorneys to represent you before your school’s judicial boards or in court.

Service Rates

Christian, Ashin & Brown, P.C. bills on a contingency fee basis for personal injury cases. The attorneys only receive legal fees as a percentage of any recovered compensation. They firmly believe that the litigation costs should not prevent victims from seeking the justice they deserve.

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