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Personal Injury Case Study

Our firm successfully litigated a slip and fall claim against a deli in Prince George’s County, Maryland. Our client was injured when she went into the deli to purchase food, and slipped on water near one of the aisles, causing her to sustain a serious knee injury.

Not surprisingly, the deli hired attorneys who fought every single aspect of her claim. They claimed the deli had no prior knowledge of a leak in the roof of the store, and further claimed that none of the employees had knowledge of the accumulation of water on the floor prior to our client’s injury. The defense was so convinced that they were going to prevail at trial that they never made any settlement offer.

After our firm litigated the case, a Prince George’s County jury found that the deli had prior knowledge of the condition of its premises and failed to take appropriate measures to fix it or warn customers of the condition. As a result they found in favor of our client and awarded her all of her medical bills $14,389.45, lost wages $1,380 and a whopping $35,880 in pain and suffering.

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